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Configuring Financial Data Extraction in Sage X3 with Type of extraction as Account root

The Purpose of the Financial Data Extraction is representing Financial Data of an Organization/Company in form of Financial Reporting to their concerned stakeholders. This will help to evaluate the Company’s performance over specific period (Half-yearly/Yearly), eventually helping the management to take effective decisions based on the financial reports generated. Financial reports, Balance Sheet and Profit… Read More »

How to overcome ‘Date prohibited ‘error in sales, purchase and accounting module

In Sage X3 we can control transaction creation by specifying the duration for which creation should be allowed. In order to prohibit the entry of invoices/credit memos Sage X3 provide a parameter level control where we can specify the duration for which sales transaction should be active these parameter set up is available for Sales,… Read More »

How to generate simulated accounting entries in Sage X3 Version 11

In Sage X3 we come across issues related to accounting effects not getting posted correctly. Issues such as account missing and unbalanced journals. To rectify such issues we need to find the accounting effects which are getting triggered during the posting of any journal. To debug this Sage X3 provides an inbuilt functionality “Simulated Entry… Read More »

How to add new modifier lines to the accounting code product?

In Sage X3 implementation you may come across the process where you want to add an additional modifier to Accounting codes. This can be done through below simple steps. New Stuff: How to copy Parameter Values from one folder to another..? Step #1: Navigate through Setup>Financials>Accounting interface>Accounting code lines. Select the Product as Accounting code type.… Read More »