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Document type setup on sales invoice entry transaction screen in Sage X3

As we are aware that in customer invoices, you need to enter the invoice type in the header. The invoice type will determine the processing applied to the entered invoice like whether it is a direct invoice or a credit memo or normal invoice or proforma. Generally, whenever we create a new invoice, while selecting… Read More »

How to solve ‘Incomplete document type’ error while closing the Financial Year in Sage X3

A fiscal year (or financial year) is used in accounting, which varies between companies and for budget purposes. It is also used for financial reporting by businesses and other organizations. Fiscal End closes a Company’s fiscal year and generates the corresponding accounting entries with the document type of NEW. As we know, before any accounting operations, the accounting financial years… Read More »

Sales Invoice creation based on Delivery Type in Sage X3

In Sage X3, “Document type” is a mandatory field in every transaction screen. So we need to select document type while creating any transaction. Also, “Invoice” button is available in Sales Delivery screen to create Invoice entry of that Delivery from the delivery screen. And when Invoice is created by clicking on that Invoice button… Read More »