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Sage X3 provides us a functionality to print labels and barcodes using ZPL printer. ZPL stands for zebra programming language and using this language we can design the layouts of labels and embedded barcodes. In this blog we will see how the ZPL setup is configured in Sage X3. Below are steps to configure ZPL.… Read More »

How to open printing screen & print a desired report on click of customized menu item

In Sage X3, reports play an important role for representing transactions and records for analysis and growth perspective. Reports can be printed by navigating to the reports module as well as it can be printed via writing script file using 4GL code in sage X3. Sometimes there might be a requirement if the end user… Read More »

How to add analytical dimension in report parameter

In Sage X3 we have come across a situation where we need to add analytical dimension in report parameter. Example: Let us consider adding analytical dimension Cost Center for report parameters. In Report Dictionary –>Parameters we will add the Parameter filed Cost Center with its respective type i.e. CCE. Now in Object/dependency parameter we will… Read More »