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Adding levels in Requester

We have come across the situation, where we design Requestor and then we also want to add the levels to Requestor. Sage X3 has a special in-built feature to add levels in requester. New Stuff: How to determine if a mask variable can be entered or displayed? Follow the below instructions to add levels to… Read More »

Calling of Report through code

Normally the reports are printed just by clicking on the Print Button, but what if we come across scenarios when we need to open the report on runtime. New Stuff: How to open a Closed Purchase Receipts in X3 But no worries we will be guiding you with the same, there is an easy way to… Read More »

Activate Crystal Debugger in Sage ERP X3

We had one of our client requesting to develop a set of reports for them. We created the reports and deployed them on the client’s server but the report failed to generate any data on the client’s data. As we have tested the report on our DEMO system it became difficult to find the exact… Read More »