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Time billing in project management in Sage X3V12

In Sage X3, there are multiple option available for billing the customer under project management. Project billing is a process for companies working in a Project management context that need to invoice customers for a project. Project billing is a complete overview of the billing process for a project. Following are the billing mode currently supported… Read More »

How to perform inventory multi-counting in V12 of Sage X3

A multi-counting inventory process reduces the risk of making errors during the stock count. If users are able to count the same stock multiple times and track each stock count, variances can be identified and the accuracy of the total can be ensured. With the multi-count process, you can enter individual counts for multiple stocks… Read More »

Calculate expected subcontract cost in Sage X3

This function can be launched on a single sub-contracting order or on a selection of sub-contracting orders (EO), using the filters. It is used to calculate the various costs corresponding to the various stages of the sub-contracting order in order to analyze the variances and the valuation choices in the production reporting. A single subcontracting… Read More »

How to setup Scheduled Invoice Generation function

Scheduled invoice generation is function to automatically mass generate the invoices from orders for a given site, when the invoicing process is based on a invoicing schedule. The orders are from the Normal category and meet the following criteria: They apply to sold and non-deliverable products of the Generic or Service category. For Project management:… Read More »

How to add missing Web Client Session menu in latest patches of Sage X3

When we upgrade to a latest Syracuse component for version 12 patches after patch 12, we have noticed that in Sage X3 under Administration module, in session management, Web Client Session menu item is missing. This is a minor bug exists when we update to latest Syracuse component. As you can see, if you navigate… Read More »

Subcontract Returns

By using the Subcontract returns function, you can transfer stock from a subcontract supplier to a new location. This type of transfer is anticipated through transactions. These types of transactions go through a selection panel. There can only be one subcontract transfer note per subcontract supplier, assigned by the selection panel. Assuming that the entered… Read More »