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How to use 2-dimensional array in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we need to use a 2-dimensional array in our code. Please refer the below steps to use a multi-dimensional array in 4GL code. Syntax: Local Char ZLChar (chrlen)(Xlen,Ylen) Where chrlen is the length of the string character. Xlen is the array length along x-direction. Ylen… Read More »

How to check reminder checkbox automatically on customer BP invoice

In a previous blog, we saw Set up the payment reminders for multiple customers. Now in this blog, we see the set up for automatic selection of reminder checkbox on customers BP invoice. In Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) there is a functionality of reminder where a user can send the reminder to the customer.… Read More »

How to delete a line from Grid using web-service in Sage Enterprise Management

You may come across a situation where you will need to delete a line from a Grid in Sage X3 using web-services. This can be achieved using the web-service operation “delete lines”. Following is an example used to delete a line from Sales Order Grid using web-service tester in Sage X3. To run the web-service… Read More »

How to get Log File name generated using openlog in Sage X3

We can generate logs using openlog. Also, it is possible to get the name of the log file generated using getlogname() function.  Syntax: LOG_FILE = getlogname() This function returns the file name of the last Sage ERP X3 engine log. When the log mode is activated, a file located in the ‘TMP’ subfolder of the folder… Read More »

How to configure portal expense claims in Sage X3

1. Setup variable to be updated. Note: Uncheck Expense notes 2. Setup Variable for a portal default value as well as the maximum allowable value to be claimed via the portal. These can be configured as separate variables or can comprise the same variable. Note: Check the Folder, The variable for the default and/or maximum values will… Read More »

Auditing Connections in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 has come up with an interesting feature through which users can now easily monitor or Audit connections in Sage X3. These can be done whenever the AUDIT activity code is activated, the sage software is able to trace all the connections/disconnections to the current folder. These data stored in the ALOGIN table,… Read More »

How to Overcome “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” issue while copying screens, tables or any other object from one folder to another.

We all have come across the issue “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” while copying some object from one folder to other. Let us consider two folders :- OGDEV SEED While copying screen “ZITM”  from OGDEV to SEED got the below error message. To resolve the issue we need to the fallowing things:- Go to… Read More »

How to set default appointment in CRM

You may come across the situation, where you want to define central attachment path. Sage X3 has special settings to set the central attachment path to keep the files centrally. New Stuff: How to add new modifier lines to the accounting code product? To set the central attachment path, follow the steps: Step 1: Go to, Setup… Read More »