Use of SOHAPPOST and SOHAPPCLE parameters

Sage X3 provide us multiple functions that can be triggered through signature management workflow. Here we will see some of them which are useful on sales order. As we know once we create a sales order the credit limit of customer gets updated. There can be a business requirement where user wants the credit limit… Read More »

How to set fixed price of carrier for a specific invoicing element

In Sage X3, we may come across, where a user wants a fixed price of the carrier in a specific invoicing element. This functionality can be achieved by following steps: Navigate to:  Setup → General Parameters → Parameters Values → Sales → Folder → Seed → Invoicing rules → Details If user want to check… Read More »

How to solve “No sequence is assigned to this document” error in Purchase Shipment Screen

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we get “No sequence is assigned to this document” pop up message while creating the purchase shipment. To solve this error message follow the below steps. Navigate to: Purchasing → Shipments → shipments Now for solving this message, Navigate to: Parameters → General Parameters →… Read More »

How to Overcome “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” issue while copying screens, tables or any other object from one folder to another.

We all have come across the issue “Access rights to this folder not sufficient” while copying some object from one folder to other. Let us consider two folders :- OGDEV SEED While copying screen “ZITM”  from OGDEV to SEED got the below error message. To resolve the issue we need to the fallowing things:- Go to… Read More »