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How to export flat files in Sage X3

Introduction: Sage X3 provides the functionality of creating\updating the transactions using an Import/Export template. We can use import/export templates quite often for importing huge data with ease. We need to setup some parameters in order to export data in a particular format. We came across a scenario where users need to export data in a flat… Read More »

Sales Order updation in Sage X3 using EDI 860 documents

EDI 860, also known as a Sales Order Change Request, is sent from a buyer to a seller when the buyer needs to make changes to their EDI 850 Purchase Order. This electronic data interchange transaction helps streamline trading partner communications, so changes can be tracked and made easily. EDI 860 documents need to match… Read More »

Enhancing Invoicing Efficiency with Sage X3’s EDI 810 Transaction

Introduction: The 810 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction plays a major role in automating the invoicing process in Sage X3. The EDI 810 transaction, also known as the Invoice EDI, is a defined electronic document format used by businesses to exchange invoice information in a structured and machine-readable format with their trading partners, such as… Read More »

How to solve ‘Incomplete document type’ error while closing the Financial Year in Sage X3

A fiscal year (or financial year) is used in accounting, which varies between companies and for budget purposes. It is also used for financial reporting by businesses and other organizations. Fiscal End closes a Company’s fiscal year and generates the corresponding accounting entries with the document type of NEW. As we know, before any accounting operations, the accounting financial years… Read More »

Sage X3 – How to setup Legal and Analytical Chart of Accounts for Multiple Companies Reporting.

Title – How to Configure Legal and Analytical Reporting Account Setup for multiple companies in Sage X3 Summary -This functionality in Sage X3 will enable the users to view the Account balances at reporting level in either Company’s Local currency (Legal) and in other currencies (Analytical) if there are multiple Companies in same or other… Read More »

How to Prohibit Zero lines in Invoice

We came across the requirement where client wants to disallow the user from entering Zero Amount in line level in Invoice. In Sage X3 we have setup in Parameters values where we can stop the user to enter zero values in line level. Goto–> Setup–> General Parameter– Parameter Values -TC Commondata- We need to enter… Read More »

Banking Position Inquiry in Sage X3

We may come across a scenario where we want to know Balance of a company by the Bank filter. In Sage X3 this functionality can be achieved by the “Banking Position” Inquiry Screen, which includes Accounting, Sales and Purchase cash forecast management. This Inquiry screen displays Initial balance, the previous open items and all types of cash forecast. Navigate:- A/P-A/R accounting… Read More »