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How to Setup a Default Date Range for multiple reports and inquiries in Sage X3

While generating multiple reports in order to compile data across various departments in the organization every time the end user has to enter the date range in the report parameters every time they generate the report which becomes a quiet task and can be error prone too. Parameter Setup 1. Go to Setup > Users… Read More »

How to add comments for a product line in PO

We have came across the scenario where we need to add detail comment to a purchase order product. For which sage has provided a default functionality known as line TEXT.          Img: Purchase – Orders – Order Click on Text to add comments to purchase order product. These can be formatted using the functionalities provided… Read More »

How to set default import parameters in Sage X3

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario where you may need to set the fixed path for archival and error directories of import files. Generally, in Sage X3, data is imported using template functionality. It behaves in below two ways: If you import proper data file, then it will move to Final directory… Read More »

How to Execute Recurring Batch Task Only Once

Sage X3 provides the recurring batch task functionality to execute a particular task after certain time period. Like if a user wants to schedule a task to be executed weekly or monthly, user can schedule his task. A user can define properties of recurring task such as starting time and ending time, frequency etc. It… Read More »

How to Delete Element from an Array?

Dela – Dela is used to delete elements from single-sized arrays, from a given index. Dela deletes the given index element and adds blank value or zero to the end, we need to know the index to use Dela Syntax – Dela Start Array List where, Start : Index element  & Array list :  list… Read More »

How to Setup commitments for a Particular Ledger?

If you come across a scenario where you want to setup automatic generation of commitments then Sage X3 provides a functionality “Commitments” in the Ledger. To set up this functionality: Step 1: Navigation: Set up – Organizational Structure – Ledger Step 2: Check the Commitments in the Type of accounting of ledger.   Now whenever… Read More »

How to Cancel the Payment Receipt?

There might be a scenario where we want to cancel the posted payment receipt. Sage X3 provide feature to reverse the posted payment receipt. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps. Navigate to: A/P-A/R accounting>Payment/ Receipt entry >RCHQ>Options/Menu Bar> Accounting Cancellation Click on ‘Accounting cancellation’. Select the negative generation type. Select the accounting.  Click… Read More »