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How to use Stock Movement Codes in Product category?

In Sage X3 there is some multiple type of movement code , found in Miscellaneous table 14. Basically movement code is used to specify when a product is received or issued . One of the predefined code is Status Change CHS which is used to further define the management rules on the product category by… Read More »

Data flow from Payment screen to Journal entry on Posting using Automatic Journal

In Sage X3, Users can create Payments based on Purchase invoices and can see specific data being flowed from invoice screens to the respective payment screens. But what if the user wants specific data to be flowed from Payment to the Journal entry during posting of the payment. In this blog, we’ll see how to… Read More »

How to restrict purchase invoice creation without purchase receipt?

Have you come across a scenario where you want to restrict purchase invoice creation without the creation of purchase receipt. Sage X3 has the standard feature where you can restrict to create the invoice without purchase receipt. New Stuff: How to automatically allocate the work order Navigate: Setup>General Parameters>Parameters values Set the parameter “PBUKA=Load from receipt only”.… Read More »