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Functionality of Project Overview in Sage X3

In order to help the ERP user with the relevant information regarding the multiple project at the location  that might be running , hold or may be finished  but still has to be recorded or to be used to gather necessary information on future involvement with similar client or material/required/cost involved/person responsible/useful insights etc Sage… Read More »

Working of customer extension in Sage X3

Sage X3 has provided us a function which is named as ‘Customer extension’ (function PROROGC). Sometimes there can be a situation where we need to extend the due date of payments which is pending from a customer. Here by using customer extension function we can update the new date of the payments for specific customers.… Read More »

Contra Payments/Receipts for Business Partners who are both Customers and Suppliers

This is a useful set up for Inter-Company transactions. In order for it to work correctly set up a unique collection that is for both suppliers and customer postings. Set up a new Payment Attribute Note that the Accounting sign is set as Payment Sign and that the “Posted” field is left blank. This allows… Read More »