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Functionality of Project Overview in Sage X3

In order to help the ERP user with the relevant information regarding the multiple project at the location  that might be running , hold or may be finished  but still has to be recorded or to be used to gather necessary information on future involvement with similar client or material/required/cost involved/person responsible/useful insights etc Sage… Read More »

Time billing in project management in Sage X3V12

In Sage X3, there are multiple option available for billing the customer under project management. Project billing is a process for companies working in a Project management context that need to invoice customers for a project. Project billing is a complete overview of the billing process for a project. Following are the billing mode currently supported… Read More »

How to solve error “BP incompatible with that of the project” in Sage X3 V12

In Sage X3, version 12, as we already aware that Project module in newly introduced.Project management has the capacity for services and manufacturing sectors to manage planning and quotations, manage budgets and control costs, organize and allocate resources, and raise external documents. Sage X3 Project management provides the functionality to plan, to develop estimates and manage resources and… Read More »

How to resolve error: “In the current stage of CRM project ‘sending a quote’ purchase cannot be carried”

Many of the business process works on the basis of customer relationship projects which will then continue in sale cycle. As we all know the use of this function is to manage projects, which may also be referred to as “opportunities” or other various terms. Their objective is to manage the characteristics and stages in… Read More »

Sequence number setup for Projects in X3 V12

As we know, sage X3 v12 provides number of new features. One of them is the Project module which is completely new in v12. This Projects function is used to manage the elements often denominated under different terms : Business, Projects, Opportunities. These translate to the same basic concept. Their objective is to manage the… Read More »

Manufacturing Project Management (MPM) module features for enhanced Project Management

The Manufacturing Project Management module is aimed at accommodating the needs of manufacturing companies that use Project Management to design and manufacture goods and products. The standard Project Management functionality in Sage X3 has been enhanced in MPM with specific features that make it more specific to manufacturing project management Sage X3. The Project is… Read More »