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Functionality of Project Overview in Sage X3

In order to help the ERP user with the relevant information regarding the multiple project at the location  that might be running , hold or may be finished  but still has to be recorded or to be used to gather necessary information on future involvement with similar client or material/required/cost involved/person responsible/useful insights etc Sage… Read More »

Customization to keep track of the freight outward payment made with reference to Sales Invoice

Freight-outward is the shipping and handling cost incurred by a company for delivering finished goods to a customer. It is paid by the seller, not by the purchaser. So in Sage X3, seller mention freight charges in the Sales Invoices. Sometimes, Transporters generate bill multiple times against same Sales Invoice. So it was difficult to… Read More »

How to trigger mail with Payment Voucher report attachment on posting the Payment entry

In Sage X3, we recently had a requirement to configure an email to be triggered to send the Payment Voucher report as an attachment on posting the Payment entry to the respective supplier against whom the Payment entry has been created. So let’s see how we can create and configure an email. Step 1: Deploy… Read More »

Data flow from Payment screen to Journal entry on Posting using Automatic Journal

In Sage X3, Users can create Payments based on Purchase invoices and can see specific data being flowed from invoice screens to the respective payment screens. But what if the user wants specific data to be flowed from Payment to the Journal entry during posting of the payment. In this blog, we’ll see how to… Read More »

How to handle un-applied payments in Sage X3

On a regular basis, our customer’s bank account gets replenished with wire transfers from their customers, which have no references to invoices. Accounting practices and bank reconciliation call for entering the payments steps below as soon as they are received. STEP 1: Enter the wire transfer in the Payment/Receipt entry Navigate to All -> A/P-A/R… Read More »

How to Setup a Default Payment Approval Status in Sage X3

The posting of the payment of invoices coming from the Purchase, Sales or AP-AR Accounting modules is the payments generation. When you enter a Supplier Invoice there a Pay Approval selection box on the Header of the record. Only when the Invoice is marked as “Authorized to Pay” can it be selected by the Payment… Read More »

How to display missing invoices during payment proposal and how to change the payment approval controls

We come across the scenario, while creating payment, posted invoice will not be available for the selection, here are the few solutions below to solve. Navigate to : A/P-A/R accounting > Open Items > Open Item Edit to check the status of the invoice. Choose Pay Approval to “Authorize to Pay”. If Authorize to pay… Read More »