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How to ship the product again after creating the customer return in Sage X3

This function is used to record the customer returns following a delivery or a supplier return in the case of inter-site or inter-company transfers. Once the return is carried out, the stock will be moved if necessary and it will be possible to print a return note and if required to enter a credit memo… Read More »

How to get notification if an user deletes a Sales order in Sage X3

In Sage X3, notifications are typically used to alert users about certain events or actions within the system. These notifications can be configured to appear in various parts of the system, such as the user’s dashboard, or they can be sent via email.Notifications in Sage X3 provide a flexible and configurable way to keep users… Read More »

Positive pay file generation functionality in Sage X3

Positive pay is a banking service designed to mitigate check fraud risks. Customers of the bank provide a file containing account numbers, check numbers, and corresponding dollar amounts for each check. If a check is presented for payment, but is not listed in this file, the bank will refrain from processing the payment and will… Read More »

Work In Progress Finalization

In Sage X3, the Work in Progress (WIP) valuation feature is designed to provide insight into the value of products that are in the production process but not yet completed. This value includes the cost of raw materials consumed, the labor time entered, and any stock receipts related to the ongoing production. The WIP valuation… Read More »

Statement creation functionality in Sage X3

As we all know open items Open Item refers to a financial transaction or record that has not yet been fully processed, reconciled, or settled. Sage X3 provides a special function to group open items related to the operations saved for BP like invoices, credit memos etc. on a statement. We are allowed to create the… Read More »

How to distribute job history in SEI

In the previews blog we learned how to check the history of any job, now we are going to learn how to distribute the job history. Steps will be similar to till checking the log of job history. I.e. when jobs have been scheduled and run, you can view the job history in the History… Read More »

How do I add a new report to a function?

In Sage X3, you can add a new report to a function on the different objects screen. When the standard reports are not sufficient, we use an existing report and customize it according to our requirements. We can also add the validations on report printing. For example, On the screen, the user wants to print… Read More »


In Sage X3, the term “Dashboard” typically refers to a user interface feature that visually represents the relevant data. These dashboards are customizable and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of users or departments within an organization. Sage X3 dashboards allow users to monitor various aspects of their business in real time, such… Read More »

Transport Note Feature In Sage X3

In some situations, companies need to transfer products from one place to another that are not part of the normal distribution flow. For example, shipping a computer that needs to be repaired or shipping marketing materials to a conference or tradeshow. The Transport Note feature in Sage X3 tracks goods that are shipped and/or delivered… Read More »

Is it possible to delete a pick ticket after a validated sales delivery is deleted?

In Sage X3, the pick ticket functionality is an essential part of the sales order fulfillment process. A pick ticket is a document generated by the system that instructs warehouse personnel on which items to pick from inventory to fulfill a customer’s order before they are shipped to the customers. After creating a sales order,… Read More »