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Why do the journal entries not get created automatically?

The ERP comprises multiple modules that link inventory accounts effects in a single process. In this blog, we will address the problem we are having with journal entry creation. Initially, we create a sales order in X3 when we receive an order, then we move on to creating a sales invoice for the accounting effect.… Read More »


Sage X3 uses an automatic matching process when posting open items which are applied to other open items. For example a payment made for some invoices is posted. During this posting process the details are loaded into a temporary table called MTCBATCH. Within this table the documents are matched together, open item entries are marked… Read More »

How to delete the U tables after post-migration in Sage X3

Now days Every company wants to upgrade the system or data with newly functionality on the higher version. In Some industries the company wants to migrate the data from lower version to higher version in Sage X3. For those needs to done some steps in Sage X3 i.e., Execution of Pre-migration and Post-migration script in… Read More »

How to do Period End procedure in Sage X3

Fiscal Period is the period of time reflected in financial statements. Usually, the fiscal period is either the calendar year or a quarter. Fiscal period is also known as an accounting period. The fiscal year is the consecutive 12-month period during which a business or organization plans its budget. It does not have to be… Read More »