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Why do the journal entries not get created automatically?

The ERP comprises multiple modules that link inventory accounts effects in a single process. In this blog, we will address the problem we are having with journal entry creation. Initially, we create a sales order in X3 when we receive an order, then we move on to creating a sales invoice for the accounting effect.… Read More »

Assembling Default Sales Order & Delivery Type in Sage X3

To manually select a sales order or delivery type every time you enter data into your system. It can be a tedious task, especially when you have a long list to choose from. However, there’s a solution that can save you time and improve your efficiency. By setting up a preferred default for your sales… Read More »

Add Menu Profile in Sage ERP X3

A menu profile code does not define access rights but only a navigation tree structure. The latter are defined by the function profile code as well as by some additional parameters of the user record. Once we have done with installation of X3, we have to create the User first and for that User we… Read More »

Purchase Request Signature

In our previous blog, we had discussed about some tips on configuring the Signature Workflow. Continuing on the same topic, we will discuss the Signature Workflow of X3 but with some specialized scenarios in this blog. Related Post: How to Setup Quote Signature Management Let’s take an example of a business scenario wherein the business… Read More »