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Sage X3 Workflow Auditing Streamlining Transparency Across Operations

In Sage X3, workflow auditing involves tracking and recording the changes made to any documents as they progress through the workflow. This is useful for maintaining transparency, ensuring compliance, and identifying any discrepancies or issues in the process. Below are general steps to set up and perform workflow auditing on sales orders in Sage X3… Read More »

How to Solve “WMAUHSTD: Nonexistent screen” Error while opening Usage Audit table inquiry screen

Sage X3 has inquiry screens for every module in which we can audit our transactional data. For example, in the sales module we have created a number of invoices, so to check invoice data we can use the list of invoices inquiry screens of the sales module like List of invoices, invoice lines, invoice by… Read More »

Auditing Fields in Sage ERP X3

This is in continuation of our last post Auditing Tables in Sage ERP X3. In addition to Auditing the changes in X3 Tables, you can now easily audit specific fields of any Table. For example, if the user wants to Audit the entries in Customer screen whose ABC Class has been modified to “Class A” then the user… Read More »

Auditing Tables in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 has come up with an interesting feature through which users can now easily Monitor or Audit any changes in X3 Table. For example, if the user wants to Audit new additions into BP Customer table between a selected date ranges then they just have to activate the Audit conditions in the Customer… Read More »