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How to define default allocation type used in order entry | Sage X3

Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) is a robust financial accounting system with a wide range of features and functionalities aligned with your specific business requirements. In this blog, we will discuss one of the important concepts of defining default allocation type in Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) used in Order entry. Defining an… Read More »

How to Rename Menus in Favourites in Sage X3

New versions of Sage X3 provides many additional useful functions and features, unlike V6. New versions of Sage X3 provides a special feature for renaming your favorite menus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember X3 menu with it’s defined name. To overcome this, we can rename menus with easy names for quicker access. There is… Read More »

How to find Database size of your folder

You may come across the situation where you would like to know the database size of the folder or amount of space utilized by the folder in the database. Sage X3 has a special feature of getting database size of a particular folder in the screen. New Stuff: How to define filter criterion on database query… Read More »

How to create work orders in bulk by using Batch process

Sage X3 has standard feature where you can create the bulk of work orders by using the back to back batch process. Fallow the below steps. Set Back to back check box checked. IMG: Product screen Select product source work order on sales order. IMG: Sales order screen Navigate to : Manufacturing >> Batch process>>… Read More »

How to assigns a default format to each type of field

In this blog, we will look how to assign a default format to each type of field and allows you to modify them. Adxfmt is an Adonix system variable of the table of 8 Char of 255 characters, which provides a default format according to the type of field of the file managed. Syntax:  [S]adxfmt(255)(8)Char… Read More »

How to filter out left list in Sage X3

You may come across the situation where you need to see only filtered transaction according to your criteria. Consider an example where we only need to see those customer BP invoice where currency exchange rate is 2, to do so we can go to advance selection. 1.1 Reference Screenshot In advance selection screen give the… Read More »

Set Criteria for Sales Order Line Closing using Delivery Tolerance %

Sage X3 provides a feature to close a line of Sales order after partial shipment. User can set this criterion at Product level. The working of delivery tolerance % is illustrated below.                 To set the closing criteria go to Product > Sales tab. Define the value for “Delivery Tolerance %” which is used during… Read More »

How to Cancel the Payment Receipt?

There might be a scenario where we want to cancel the posted payment receipt. Sage X3 provide feature to reverse the posted payment receipt. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps. Navigate to: A/P-A/R accounting>Payment/ Receipt entry >RCHQ>Options/Menu Bar> Accounting Cancellation – Click on ‘Accounting cancellation’. – Select the negative generation type. – Select… Read More »

Sage Enterprise Management for Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a rapid change in the past decade driven by a growing middle-income group and rise in the private healthcare institutions in emerging markets. The future of this industry seems to be stellar with global pharmacy appetite crossing $600 billion marks. Read more: Sage X3 for Pharmaceuticals Industry However, the global… Read More »