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How to Disable the Print Option in Invoice for the Particular User

If we want to disable the print option for the particular user then Sage X3 provides feature to disable the print option for the particular user. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps: Navigate to: Setup>Users>Functional profile> Report Tab Select the profile code of the user. Set external document to Yes   Hope this… Read More »

How to Open a Screen, when Single Object is bound with Multiple Screens?

If we want a particular screen to open among several screens, where single object is bound with the multiple screens then Sage X3 provides a functionality for the same. To access screen using Code check below link: – https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagex3/2014/01/30/how-to-access-screen-using-code/ Now, let’s see how we will get the required screen based on certain conditions. If you have… Read More »

How to Disable the Post Button in Invoice for the Particular User?

Sage X3 provide feature to disable the post button for the particular user. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps. Step 1: Go to the Functional profile Step 2: Navigate to: Setup>Users>Functional profile Step 3: Remove the BPSVAL function of the profile code for which particular user is linked. Hope this helps. About Us… Read More »

How to Enable EU VAT no. field.

If we come across a scenario where we want to find EU VAT no. field of the companies’ disabled then Sage x3 provides a standard functionality to enable the field. Steps to enable this functionality: Navigation: Common Data – Common Table – Countries. Navigate to the respective country for which EU VAT no. field has… Read More »

Emailing Customer Statement and Invoice as per customer preference

Sage Enterprise Management has number of in-built facility which allows you take advantage and streamline your process of sending documents via email automatically to your customer. In standard Sage X3 you can setup workflow to send the invoices\sales order or any other document to your customer. But this setting is done according to Sage X3… Read More »

Know all Sage X3 table details on the go from one screen

Sage X3 have the functionality in which we can get all the information of all the Sage X3 tables along with the size of tables in a database from one screen only. New Stuff: How to validate a customer while importing Navigate to:  Development > Utilities > Verification > Database > Table report Enter your folder… Read More »