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Warehouse management in Sage X3

We all know there is both location management and Warehouse management available in Sage. There has been a question why do we need warehouse management enabled when we can manage inventory by location, we create different location type and location in it and inventory can be managed. Then what is the use of Warehouse management… Read More »

How to add legal accounts in the list of the budget Misc. Operations screen

The budget of a company is often compiled annually, but may not be a finished budget, usually requiring considerable effort, is a plan for the short-term future, typically allows hundreds or even thousands of people in various departments (operations, human resources, IT, etc.) to list their expected revenues and expenses in the final budget. In… Read More »

How to enable close button in Sales Order Screen | Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management, we may come across a scenario where the user wants to close sales orders manually, but the close button is closed. This functionality can be achieved by the following steps: Navigate to: Sales → Orders → Orders Refer below screenshot, you can see that, the close button is disabled here. Follow… Read More »

How to solve if product line is getting blank on duplication in Sales Order Screen

In Sage Enterprise Management, we may come across a scenario where we want the same data line while doing duplication of any transaction but the line is getting blank. This functionality can be achieved by the following steps:  Navigate to: Common data → Products → Products → After sales tab Check product type and service… Read More »

How to display data in the Traceability screen

In Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3), we may come across a scenario where we have lot managed product and everything but not we get blank data in the traceability screen. This functionality can be achieved by the following steps:  Navigate to:  Common Data → Products → products → Controls tab For displaying product in the… Read More »

How to modify delivered quantity in Sage X3

You may come across a scenario where you want to modify the Delivered quantity after delivery validation. Sage X3 have a special feature to achieve this functionality. Follow below steps to achieve this feature: Navigate to Sales -> Deliveries -> Deliveries Create a delivery and do the validation of it. Now when you try to… Read More »

How to Rename Menus in Favourites in Sage X3

New versions of Sage X3 provides many additional useful functions and features, unlike V6. New versions of Sage X3 provides a special feature for renaming your favorite menus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember X3 menu with it’s defined name. To overcome this, we can rename menus with easy names for quicker access. There is… Read More »

How to find the square root of the Number

The Sage X3 function holds the function which calculates the square root of the given number. Below is the syntax to calculate the same. Syntax: sqr(numeric value) Example: The return type of function (i.e sqr()) is double if we will assign a value to integer data type it will parse the value to the integer. This… Read More »

How to Execute Recurring Batch Task Only Once

Sage X3 provides the recurring batch task functionality to execute a particular task after certain time period. Like if a user wants to schedule a task to be executed weekly or monthly, user can schedule his task. A user can define properties of recurring task such as starting time and ending time, frequency etc. It… Read More »