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How to import customized tab fields using Import Template in Sage X3

In Sage ERP – X3, most of the time, we come across a scenario where we want to import the customized tab fields. For e.g., if you have added a new tab on the Customer Master screen and you want to import these tab fields using import template. By simply adding the fields in Customer… Read More »

Automated Intercompany transaction feature of Sage X3

Many organizations have subsidiaries which they have created to serve the main company. This is done for various purposes, the main amongst them would be for taxation benefits. Since each company itself is a separate legal entity so they are taxed separately because their turnover is depicted separately. So, for example, in a company which… Read More »

Sage Enterprise Management for Food Processing Industry

As a distribution company, it is important to fulfill the customer orders, managing recipes, controlling inventory and plan production by following all the industry regulation in a timely fashion to tackle the increasingly completive environment of food and Beverage industries. Sage Enterprise Management includes features like warehouse management, customer relationship management and accounting functionality with… Read More »

Sage Summit 2015 New Orleans – Countdown begins

Sage Summit (#SageSummit) – The most awaited Sage event of the year is scheduled to begin on July 27, 2015 at the beautiful city of New Orleans, LA. With thousands of guests attending each year, this is an event that needs no introduction in the Sage community. Small and Medium Enterprises from across the world,… Read More »

Remote Warehousing in Sage Enterprise Management

The concept of Remote warehousing emerged to handle all those companies which outsource their shipping and storage for their inventories to the third party logistic companies. When organization intends to use third party remote warehouse for distribution of its goods it has to ensure it utilizes electronic business document exchange system (EDI) that saves time,… Read More »

Adaptation of Sage ERP X3 for a Multi – Legislation Manufacturing Unit

Today, the world is becoming a global village. Businesses are trying to penetrate in different countries in search of newer markets and also for cheaper labor/ raw materials. So, most of the times, we have a scenario wherein the head office is located in maybe the USA and manufacturing facilities is based out of China.… Read More »

Importing Customers/Prospects of Sage ERP X3 into Salesforce

This is in continuation to our last Introduction to GUMU Salesforce – Sage ERP X3 Integration post. This is one of the key features of our GUMUTM Salesforce – Sage ERP X3 Integration solution which helps to import Sage ERP X3 Customer/Prospects into Salesforce. Import Customers/Prospects functionality is one-time process where user can import Customer/Prospect from Sage Erp… Read More »

Sage X3 Integration with Salesforce.com – An introduction

With Sage ERP X3 as your choice you can already Get more done in less time. No Holding back. Its time now to take your customer experience to the next level by integrating your Sage ERP X3 with one of the largest and most renowned, Salesforce Cloud CRM system. Get the best of both worlds,… Read More »

Sign up for Sage ERP X3 Sales Conference May 2015 Istanbul – Sneak Peek

Sage ERP X3 Sales Conference #SageGC (formerly Sage ERP X3 Global Convention) is a marquee event for Sage ERP X3 users and partners from across the world and is being hosted this year at the picturesque venue of Istanbul, Turkey. The event, which sees a large gathering of Sage Business Partners, Customers and Prospects under one… Read More »