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How to get the size of the keys

You may come across where you need to check the size of the keys. keylen determines the size of the keys (in number of bytes) for an open table. Keylen is a variable table of the [G] class associated with a table declared by a File command. The dimension of keylen is given by the [G]nbind… Read More »

WIP posting for Sub-contracting orders

In Sage X3, WIP posting is an important stage which allows one to generate Journal Entries for subcontracting processes. Subcontracting refers to the process of entering a contractual agreement with an outside person or company to perform a certain amount of work. It is a process, wherein any manufacturing organizations either provides full or partial component… Read More »

Sage Summit Toronto 2017 – Flaring up the Ignited Passion for your business

Sage Summit 2016 indeed did justice to the theme “Ignite your Passion” with over 15,000 entrepreneurs attended the world’s largest event to grow their business. The event was graced with noteworthy entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, Robert Herjavec and Daymond John who gave away key business mantras. Entrepreneurs explored… Read More »

Steps to assign Conditional style to screen in Sage X3

Step 1: Navigate to Setup >> General Parameters >>Conditional Style assignment. Step 2: Enter screen code “YWMCSPSTD” and assign conditional style “YSTL1” for all columns except “scheduled date” set conditional style “YSTL2” (Refer to below screen shot) . Step 3: Click on save. Step 4: Put screen code “ZCONSCSO2” and put conditional style “YSTL” for… Read More »

How to put Profile Picture for a user in Sage X3?

Sage X3 has a feature in which we can assign profile picture to users in Sage X3. This feature can be achieved by following below steps:-  Navigate to Administration → Administration → Users Click on Edit. Now select any picture that you wish to make your profile picture by selecting the file as shown in… Read More »

“GTE Error in Field Evaluation” error while running accounting interface

Go to Set up →General Parameters →Formulas Expand Automatic Journal Search “SKG” and cross check if formula for SKG has been defined or not, if formula is not present, kindly copy the same from SEED Folder and paste the same. If there folder is multi-legislation, one needs to define legislation wise formula – refer SEED folder… Read More »

How to Find a Factorial of Any Integer Number in Sage X3?

We may come across a situation, where we need to calculate a factorial of any integer. Sage X3 provides built-in function ‘fac’ to calculate the same. Fac: It calculates a factorial of any integer value. Syntax: fac(integer) To better understand this, refer the below snippet of code: Output: Hope this blog helps! About Us Greytrix… Read More »

How to add a string in a new Line in Sage X3?

We may come across a scenario where we want to display message in new line, X3 has a function to achieve this.”chr$” function converts a numerical value in an ascii character, syntax as below. Syntax: chr$( exp_ent ). “chr$” returns a character whose ascii code corresponds to the argument (if there is a corresponding ascii… Read More »

Use of “nomap” variable in Sage X3

As we all know that Sage X3 can have more than one folder/application. So the question is how we will get to know current folder/application name while accessing Sage X3 ERP. Here X3 provide special “nomap” variable, which complete your requirement. nomap is a variable that is only accessible in read mode and which determines… Read More »